Valley Country Market Welcomes Yoga Guru Hannah Dawe

August 19, 2018

The yoga mats were laid out and the sun was shining in the elegant courtyard of Valley Country Market. Surrounded by tall trees, lush greenery and open spaces with simple stonework—the serene environment and positive energy made it easy for yoga enthusiasts to unwind as they arrived for an afternoon of wellness with Hannah Dawe, creator of the popular yoga program, Love Yoga.


Guests plunged into downward dogs, rose to half moons and practiced a variety of other yoga moves. Then, they re-energized with plenty of free snacks and refreshments. Participants were able to enjoy fresh juice blends and smoothies from Healthy Greens, who is conveniently located in Valley Country Market. They could also snack on nutritious fruit, nut and whole grain bars from KIND. Or, they could drink pure and sustainably produced water from Boxed Water, a company that’s committed to creating a better planet by reducing plastic bottle waste.


Guests also received a free gift to promote healthy eating and better well-being. Each of them was given a box of wellness-inspired goodies from Love Goodly —a wellness company who sells subscription boxes filled with carefully selected brands and products to help women discover healthy, non-toxic and cruelty-free products.


Thanks to Hannah Dawe, the vendors involved and everyone who attended, the event was a day to remember—and it won’t be the last one! Valley Country Market will continue to partner with health-conscious and environmentally responsible companies to host wellness events in Woodland Hills.